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Doctrine Delivered

Our movement is defined by it's good, Biblical, and systematic doctrines. The Oneness of the Godhead, Holiness in Lifestyle, and Acts 2:38 message of salvation are core and key. Click here to see how both congregations and individuals are being rooted in strong doctrine.

Christian Growth

Churches are made of families, and families are made of individuals. We do not only minister to churches, but strive to support individual growth in God. We do this through teaching, developing resources, and setting high standards. Follow this link to see how.

Evangelism Inspired

The sole purpose of the Church, evangelism is also a personal responsibility. As we travel and grow Churches we find that connecting people to the pastor's vision is a key place to help. Further, each person needs to take responsibility for the Churches impact and health. See our methods here.

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About the Seagraves

P. Derrick Seagraves is recognized as a preacher that compels people to a response.


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Your questions, comments, and concerns are always welcome. We love to meet and visit, and when we can't we visit on the phone. If you are interested in any of our programs offered, or want something special for your church district or team, feel free to ask.


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