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Holiness from God

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I've decided, after an encouraging phone call πŸ“ž to make our 7 week Holiness Series available to others. πŸ’’πŸ™ŒπŸ‘

This is the most powerful, under-taught and under-preached doctrine! πŸ’₯ 
I want to alleviate the anxiety many have about the subject by simply delivering the Bible in love. πŸ’• Without love, we are not holy! πŸ˜‡

We are teaching the holiness doctrine backward from many others. Often holiness is taught as "these are the rules, and this is how we justify them." Rather, we are teaching Principles of God and His holiness and then applying them in our lives.

So far we have lessons, graphics, and very effective handouts to aid learning and retention. A lot more work will go into the final product, and there will likely be a self-study book also. I also have notes from some of the best holiness preaching I've ever heard.

The teaching plan is:
1. The Origin of Holiness (God's Character)
2. The Change in Holiness
3. Holiness is a Heart Issue
4. Holy Distinction of the Genders
5. Chastity in Appearance
6. Humility in Appearance
7. Chastity and Submission to God (Entertainment / Consumption)

Lesson plans and handouts will be in editable documents and PDFs, and can serve as a starting point for the teacher to modify for their students or can be used as-is.

Whole Package

  • Teacher lesson plan + Doc for editing / church branding
  • Hand-outs + Doc for editing / church branding
  • Graphics for promotion
  • Graphics for Teaching
  • Added to our roll of Holiness Teachers on the website (if you'd like) Hopefully you will be asked to teach this
  • Sermon notes from the best holiness teaching I've ever heard

If you choose not to support it today, I will still update you once it is publicly available, you will just not be an early recipient or get to pick your price. 96 of you wanting this teaching resource, praise God!

Support the production of this Bible-principles based holiness teaching series.

  • Supporters will have first and early access, be able to contribute with full recognition and know that you are spreading this glorious doctrine. 

All donations will go toward the production of this series, toward future resources, and assisting our NAM church in Alaska. 

15 Days of Prayer (Free) 

This series of daily emails will bless you with both encouragement and teaching. By Day 2 you should have no problem praying for and hour at a time, a major hurdle for most Christians. Delivering 2 great prayer tools, and teaching on the types of prayer, many have already been blessed by this. Sign up Here.

Hack Your Bible (Free and Paid) 

This book was written out of a need that I saw while in Bible School. I searched, and could not find, a good book on adding notes to your Bible, making your Bible personal, and improving the Bible you use for study and witnessing. This collection of 25 "hacks" has been sold on 4 continents and has a 5 star rating on Amazon.