I'm very excited about these projects. There are a lot of responsibilities involved, but I love it. They are worth doing and supporting;

   I'm blessed to be a part of them. 

God of the Greatland 

Happening Now

See how you can get published free in this project, here

Tell us a story of God's goodness, and power. Get it published to spread Jesus' message and build faith. All profits go to our youth mission trips, in Alaska and the Yukon. 

We plan to have this book ready and copies printed at the District Camps. That means that we need all the testimonies written and sent to us in April. Anyone from this district can send in a testimony - everyone that does will be thanked in the book by name. Help us out?

Just write your testimony on 1 to 3 pages, and email it to Seagraves@SovereignWays.com to receive our thanks.

Beautiful Ministry Webdesign

Every church deserves a beautiful website, to welcome potential visitors and build a community around. Websites are the new Yellow Page ad, newspaper column, and bulletin in-one. A poor website can hurt more than help, and no website is akin to being an invisible church. 

I would like to help. I built this website, and many others. I do it as a way to serve the movement. My services are your for an offering; what you think it is worth is what you can pay. 

Contact for examples or information

District Youth Ministry

Derrick was honored to be elected District Youth Secretary of the Alaska / Yukon district. In this capacity he fund-raises and organizes, serving the vision of Youth President Geoff Glover.

Alumni Secretary

Indiana Bible College, led by Pastor P D Mooney, asked me to be the Alumni Secretary and assist Bill Hobson. It's an honor and we already have 1,450 people linked to the alumni facebook page. Connection and involvement in our alma mater is the goal. 

Kingdom Publisher: Movement Minded Publishing

A new Start-up, this publisher is changing what it takes to be a successful author. Cutting out "minimum orders," printing books only as they are needed, and using a flexible teamwork approach we produce better books, faster and cheaper. It’s just a new way to publish. Click through the logo to check it out. 

Now distributing through Amazon.com also!


Apostolic Resource Center

Soon to be launched, Apostolic Resource Center will be the only place you want go to look for new or old resources for our movement. A new web portal to reviews and summaries of resources, the best “bookstore” for Apostolic Pentecostals is on the way.

It’s a long time overdue.

If you would like to write reviews of your favorite resources, and expose others to them through your experience, please sign up for the newsletter below. Derrick’s newsletter recipients will be given pre-notice of the site’s launch, and opportunities to write earlier; in addition to the other exclusive material offered in the newsletter.

Thank you for visiting! 

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