New Rules of Retirement Savings

An incredible book that fixed our finances

This book has saved our family's financial future. The core idea is available to almost everyone, and known by nearly no one! I didn't know about IUL retirement planning before reading it - and I'm so glad I was pushed to explore the idea.

Note: I did build a business by improving on the wisdom of this book, found online here, but these links are not affiliated links. I don't care if you buy the book. I don't know the author and the book isn't published by my company - it just helped me.

I seriously encourage you to learn what is in this book.

Questions I had to answer for our family:

  • Will you have enough saved for retirement?
  • If taxes go up (like Congress says they will) will you still have enough?
  • How are you protected if the market crashes (like in 2008, and then 2012)?
  • How do you avoid high, yearly fees on your retirement savings?
  • Do you have a family plan if you don't live long enough to save?

Our family now has an answer to all of these questions

The security we feel, and the future we have planned, are such a joy to us that I had to share. I knew that I would have to share this whether I could build a business out of it or not. We were blessed and now it's my part-time business.

We even improved the plan in the book!

You can see here how we improved the plan to include Living Benefits. What are those you ask? They are a better life-insurance option that you don't have to die to use; if you get ill or injured so that you can't work the insurance pays early to help. Now my customers can keep their house even if they get cancer later, and their kids go to college even if they are hurt and can't work.

Here is a video explaining

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