How to Listen to "A Certain Sound" Podcasts

Podcasts are awesome. Not only ours, and here are some ways you can listen to them. Some ways of listening are easier to start, but others have advantages (like always being updated, or being mobile).

Here is a list:

Beginner: "I only have a computer" or "I just want to try this out"

Use the dedicated webpage for the podcast to listen right now, online. Our link is Here. This will get you most of the experience, and you can still multi-task a little on or around your computer. You can't go jogging with the podcast yet, or really do chores while you listen, but it's a start.

Advanced Listener: "I want the freedom and control of having the podcast on my phone"

This is the best way to enjoy any podcast. You can listen anywhere, download podcasts for trips where service is spotty, and truly multi-task. This method will update you as soon as a new podcast is available, and make it ready to listen to right away.

If you have an iPhone there is an Apple app called "Podcasts," just search for "A Certain Sound" through the app and you'll find it with our logo right there. Subscribe and you're all set. Now you can listen on your commute, doing dishes, or while taking notes. 

If you have an Android phone my favorite podcast app is Podcast Republic. Search for "A Certain Sound" through the app and you'll find our podcast. Then subscribe and you're set! Now you can listen with earbuds, through connected car radios, and speakers with others even!


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