#EDC for an Evangelist

I've always been interested in what tools other people carry, what works for them. I'm always asking for reading lists too. I thought I'd share what it is that I keep on me all the time, with rare exception. Please feel free to tag me in your #EDC (Every Day Carry) on twitter @PDerrickS. Links are affiliated, to Amazon, if you want to buy something like what I'm using.

With this set up I can meet most of my needs and life's challenges. I preach, publish, and write. My work is largely done from my Bible (not pictured, an hacked Anchor Classic Note in KJV) or my laptop (old Toshiba Portege 705-35R). But this is what I carry on my person.

Items, top left to bottom right:

  • Leather Portfolio. (Carried: In my hands) It holds some business cards, a pen in it's loop, papers in the fold, and my constant notes. I like notepads, rather than the spine on notebooks, because I'm left-handed. This is a capture device for ideas, sermons, studies, etc. Always rough ideas in here. If they are developed they are put in my laptop, journal, or scanned (phone). Here's one like it, kind of.
  • Sun glasses. (On face or on the back of my collar) Cheap, Rayban Wayfarer style; these break and get lost too often.
  • Mints. (Left front pocket) Altoid smalls, evergreen. Sometimes filled with other mints. I also keep some cotton in there to stop all the noise. I'm picky.
  • Keys and a "parrot beak" clasp. (Left front pocket) We were blessed with an older Lexus LS400, which we love. I just have a house key and a church key. I like to keep things light. I'll add keys if I have to, on a separate key ring. The big brass clasp I got at "Trustworthy Hardware." It's functional and nice looking, I think.
  • Moto G, white. (Right front pocket) This is the cheapest, good, android phone. I really like it. The Moto G fit's my "just enough, is elegant" philosophy. I'm not wasting money on horsepower I don't need. My favourite apps are: a bookmark of BlueLetterBible.org, Hootsuite, Chess with friends, and Evernote. I'm always listening to podcasts, audio books, or researching stuff with this.
  • Coast DX356 Double Lock Folding Knife. (Clipped, right front pocket) This was a cheaper knife when I bought it, and I really like a double lock; linear locks are not as safe as folks think. I also demand a point-down carry. I lost my favourite. It was a CRKT M16 Spearpoint, and whoa... it's not $65 any more.
  • Bandanna. (Left back pocket) I've got several, different colours; I find lots of uses for them. Shannon told me this was "orange," but I think it's salmon pink. What do you say?
  • ESQ (Movado) watch (Left hand) with black alligator band. I really like a "tank" style watch. This model isn't offered any more, it was a gift that I really appreciate. I bought a new, automatic, Invicta watch for every day, and I'll retire this as a suit only watch when the Invicta gets in.
  • Cheap ear buds + mic + volume control. (Left front pocket, or often around the back of my neck) No these are not Beats. I'm not the guy that pays for a brand. These I got at TJ Maxx and they're not great but they let me listen to my podcasts, take calls in the car, and change volume on the fly without needing a charge like bluetooth devices. I really like the flat cord; it prevents them from knotting up. These are discontinued, but get them here. I buy cheap earbuds because they break too easily.
  • Blue Victorinox knife with pen. (Left front pocket) Sometimes the pen-set gets left in the car. Other times I want to cut a loose thread, or open an envelope, and a my larger pocket knife is over-kill. It scares some folks to have a bigger blade flicked open. Also, if I'm in a suit this is the only knife I carry. Usually.
  • Business cards. A lot of people wonder if business cards are really all that practical today; the way I use them is. I use them to get other people's numbers. These are a retro, font-driven design that packs a lot of info. Get some free one's at Vista Print. Don't print on the back, it's a waste of money and that's where you write *their* info, and keep it, to follow up.
  • Gold Cross pen and pencil set. (Inside breast pocket, clipped on my shirt seam, or in the portfolio) These are a luxury, plain and simple. I found an antique, USA made, perfect set while travelling. I like to write letters, I think best on paper, and those interests make this an acceptable splurge to me. The pen is blue and the pencil is 9mm. I haven't gotten them inscribed yet.
  • Custom made antler and titanium wedding band. (Left hand) I told Shannon that I didn't want anything with gems in it or too shiny; I needed a man's ring. She had this super high quality antler ring made for me. It's light, thin, and I love it because it's one-of-a-kind.
  • Black alligator wallet. (Right back pocket) Shannon bought this for me on our honeymoon cruise in the Caribbean. It's a bi-fold and it holds: my CDL, more business cards, a key to a lock, fishing/hunting license, and all those cards we can't quite get rid of. She got a coach sling bag.

Incidentals/ Add-ons as needed:

  • Ruger Super Black Hawk (.44 mag). Because bears don't always back down, and hikes/fishing still need to happen. Stainless steel because I live in Alaska. Wood cowboy grip because I'm a romantic.
  • Belt with a native design brass buckle.
  • Moneyclip. If I need to carry cash I usually separate it from my wallet.
  • Square. It's a credit card reader for my phone, for selling books and publishing.

What's your #EDC?

Just tag me in a tweeted link, Instagram, or something. @PDerrickS at both.

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