2014 Sitka Missions Trip Report

This is the official report of the mission trip Shannon and I led to Sitka, Alaska. Block quoted are my additional notes to help with context in this essay. We are both extremely blessed to have led this trip, and hope that it may inspire you to also create and go on domestic missions trips. Some quick thoughts about this type of mission trip follow the report.

2014 Sitka Missions Trip Report
P. Derrick Seagraves

This year’s trip was an absolute success. We were, as a team, able to unite and help the church in ways never before done. The Pastor was ministered to in prayer after his surgery, in relief from duties, and in some child care. The church was ministered to in music, preaching, and prayer. The church impact was advanced by two VBS that taught twenty five children Biblical principles and God’s ways.

Our team of eleven students and four chaperones also benefited from this mission trip. Students were challenged daily in reading, applying, and presenting scripture to the group. Daily prayer and journal writing was instituted for these two weeks. Teaching was performed by all students, and lesson planning was learned by a cadre of four. Four special trainings for the students on such topics as Daily Christian Disciplines and Bible Authority were given by myself; the team was attentive and took notes.

Once in Juneau our joint service with the Ketchican mission team, and both Juneau churches was a great success. No injuries and a constant good attitude in the team are an added testimony. On this trip we saw two freshly Holy Ghost filled, and three baptized in Jesus name.

Our schedule was three days of travel, and the first day in Sitka we decorated the facility. The next four days we operated two simultaneous VBS for separate age groups, with trips to the beach in the evenings. On Tuesday we held a Bible Study; Wednesday we held their services with them. Once VBS was finished we were blessed to have a great Sunday service with the church. After this Monday and Tuesday we had a scavenger hunt in historical downtown Sitka, visited Totem Park, hiked the rain-forest twice, and had a great water fight. Then we traveled for three days to return, stopping in Juneau to have a joint service with both churches and both trips.

On the following pages are images of the saved receipts, an account of them and our budget, and the necessary adjustments. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me with the information above.

All our best,
P. Derrick Seagraves
(The following pages are omitted)

This trip of 14 was accomplished because the Ladies Ministries of Alaska funded and organized it. It has sister trips across the Alaska/Yukon district, and trips like these have been going on for years. The youth pay a small fee (less than most camps) and get two weeks of missionary work. The total budget was about $6,000 and 15 people were able to minister and grow. That ratio is excellent in light of other missions opportunities.

When youth are wanting experience, and not following a specific call of God on their lives, domestic missions trips should definitely be considered. I would hope that every district would find some churches that could use the help and partner them with youth who need experience. It’s a good use of raised funds and has a broad impact.

I’m just blessed to live in a district pioneering this method, and am such a fan that I want everyone to benefit from it!

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