I killed PentecostDaily.com, here is why and how.

I killed PentecostDaily.com, here is why and how.

PentecostDaily.com was the most successful site that I ever created. It was automated, took no time to run, and had 5,855 readers when I shut it down. But it had to die, because easy and automated isn't valuable. 

It came down to values. I don't want to be easy, automated, or a parrot. I want to be helpful, engaging, and purposeful. I didn't even know what was being shared on that site. I knew I could take it down when my friend created www.ApostolicNow.com. It's a great site, full of curated stories, resources, and news. That's the difference. He's doing it better. I say "go there if you will miss PentecostDaily.com"

I am proud of my recent audio program "Biblically Powerful Prayer" and it's suite of resources. That's the difference. As soon as I started making excuses for the Daily I knew it had to go.

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