Question Power

I once was given a book to read for personal growth. It led me to be the number one salesman for my entire time at the Wells Fargo Financial office (a wopping 5 months). I sold $2.5mm in that time. The book was called "Question Based Selling."

The benefit of the book is that it took what I knew about selling and made applying it easier. I knew that selling was at first about volume, later about skill and experience. I knew that knowing your product and customer would help. I knew that better qualified leads would create a more efficient time of selling. QBS gave me a system to achieve all of that though, without the presure and confrontation associated with selling.

By asking questions that were fair and planned I delivered on why I was hired. I found out if they were even my customer to begin with, if they had needs I could fill, if they would trust us to fill them, and what it would take to do business with us.

Questions allow the other person to be heard. Questions get you the information that you can act on. Your questions show interest and build rapport. Questions find bridges and opportunities.

I get so used to proclaiming, in preaching, that I sometimes forget the power in questions for witnessing.

Questions that could be asked fairly

  • What has your experience with church been like?
  • Have you had any spiritual experiences?
  • What has God done for you?
  • What evidence would you need to believe in God?
  • Have you ever studied the Bible?
  • What made you come to church today?
  • What did you like about the service?
  • Have you been baptized, or spoke in tongues, before?

Building up to, and through, Bible belief

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