10 Ways to Share Your Vision

1. A booklet / manifesto. 
Elder Haney did this as he became the UPCI Gen. Superintendent. You can still buy it online titled “One God - One World - One Church - One Vision”

2. Video presentation 
It doesn’t have to be long, just effective.

3. Conscript a story to your vision
Stories are very powerful in that they give people vicarious, personal experiences. You can not only present you vision through story, but deliver it to their deepest convictions.

4. One-on-one lunches
This allows you to both tell and really listen. Once you’ve heard their concerns you can also address them.

5. Questionnaire that delivers them to your conclusion
Like stories, questions can lead people to your vision.

6. Preach it consistently
The vision doesn’t need to be the whole sermon, but consistent presentation of a message when possible is good.

7. Assign parts of it to people or groups 
If you have the position it could be wise to break the larger vision into manageable parts and then assigning others to their completion.

8. Show them what success looks like 
This may be a slide show, or a field trip. Showing what the end of the vision looks like can help people “buy in.”

9. Break the vision into phases
If it is too grand a vision for them, just give a taste. Unbelievable hopes can be built up to. You’re the leader, as long as you know where it’s all going then they can settle into working on step one for now.

10. Present in a meeting, ask what each person can do to deliver tangible progress

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