About derrick seagraves

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At 8 years old Derrick Seagraves partnered with a neighbor kid, bought 80 candy bars for $.25 each, and then sold them door to door for $1 in a day. He earned 300% profit on that deal and gained some values. 

Today he still values relationships, values hustle, and he wants to make money work for people rather than rule them. 

As Derrick and Shannon's family grew he searched his network for the best financial plan for their future. A multi-millionaire from Texas had shared how he would retire tax-free with Derrick's father, and the many other benefits of an IUL. Another contact had also structured his retirement savings this way; there was a trend beginning with successful people. 

Derrick knew these people, and had the background to understand this trend. He had worked in creative consumer finance, and insurance, with Wells Fargo before coming to Alaska. That experience during the credit crisis of 2008 had formed a conservative fiscal outlook. Researching, reading books like "The New Rules of Retirement Savings" and "IRA Wealth," and interviewing professionals helped Derrick settle with confidence on the IUL.

Along with financial security came opportunity! The company that set up his plan wanted to expand into regions that Derrick could help in. Derrick was a believer in the product and plan and wanted a new business that he could schedule around the important things in life. 

Derrick Seagraves is presently recruiting and training a team that is on a Living Benefits and Tax-Free Crusade. 90% of the retirement plans people have are a tax trap, and most life insurance policies lack Living Benefits (even though there's no extra cost). 

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